Tips for Using Bokeh Market

Product page basics

The product page is our central data hub. It shows you a near real-time snapshot of what's available in the used market, new market, and an estimated good price for what you're researching

Here's a few important points to remember

  • For used items, camera bundle listings (having lenses as part of the sale) are separated from body only listings (see tab on the right)
  • You can set shopping alerts or add the product to a bundle to aid your research
  • The pricing is a market estimate and not an average. It represents some fancy math that excludes outliers and for cameras only prices body only deals.
  • Our pricing comes from years of our own selling in the secondary market, and our personal network of photgraphers we work with to compile data

Product Alerts - Get Notified

Product alerts are a great way to have us find items for you without you having to constant check multiple sources in the market. Here's how they work:

  • First, create your free account (or login to your existing one)
  • If you are searching for a particular item, you can add a product alert and we'll email you any time that item hits the market for one of the sources we track
  • If you don't want to be bothered with /all/ items that hit the market, and want to ignore items out of your budget, you can set a price threshold and you'll only get notifications for listings that are below your set price
  • Alerts require you to create a login. It's free and we'll never share your information with anyone. We promise!
  • For now, alerts are limted to 4 items while we explore the best way to utilize this feature

Product Alerts - Managing Alerts

Getting too many emails? There's a couple of ways to manage that

  • If you want to keep getting alerts, but don't want all the deals, just the best ones, make sure you've set a price ceiling on your alerts to a price at or lower than the market price (or the price you're willing to pay)
  • If you want to eliminate all alerts, simply remove any alerts you've setup under your alerts tab after you've logged in

We're also working on adding the ability for you to limit alerts to specific sources. Thanks for the idea Frank!

Bundles & My Gear

We have two types of bundles on this site: one is the bundle you can create while doing shopping research, the other is your "My Gear" bundle that helps you catalog the items you currently own and have an estimate of your collection's value

Here's a few notes on bundle features

  • "My Gear" bundles require a login, but we'll never share your personal information with anyone.
  • Product research bundles don't require a login and are great for when you are trying to price out a camera + multiple lens kit to have an idea if the listing you're looking for is well priced before you pull the trigger on it.
  • Product research bundles are also great for determining what kit you want to go for next, and getting an idea of what it's going to cost you to acquire it

Hey! Your data has a mistake, how do I tell you?

This site is currently in beta, so it's going to have some warts. If you ever see something that is not looking right, shoot an email to us at and we'll get it sorted out

Hey! Your data doesn't include my camera, I want you to add it!

We realize our data isn't exhaustive, but we're building on it every day. If you'd like to see a list of what we're working on next, you can check out our running list on our what's next page

Alternatively, you could send us an email to and make a request for what item we're missing. We'll try our best to get it in there