What’s next?

Currency conversion

We're working on a currency converter at this very moment. It will be the absolute next feature we launch on the site - think days not weeks to get it out there.

Expanding our data catalog

With this being a beta site, the data isn't exhaustive. And we know you Canon guys are mad we don't have your FD lenses yet, but here's what we realize we are missing and are working on:

  • Adapters: Metabones & Sigma adapters for adapting glass to non-native bodies
  • OEM battery grips
  • Lens makers: Voigtlander, Minolta, Ricoh, Canon FD, older Nikon
  • Expanding our existing library of Zeiss and Leica product
  • Cinema lenses and Cameras
  • More medium format cameras (currently limited to a few Pentax and Hasselblad)


We'd like to add a few more domestic US sources for both used/new sales and lens rentals. Then our goal is to step outside the US to Canada and the UK. And then...the world.

As always, if you see a mistake in our data, or want to make a request of what you'd like us to track, shoot us an email at